Great minds think like father like son

All about us

Pollinate was founded in 2004 by people frustrated with average everyday research.

We believe that all people are not the same and that by understanding influence we could create powerful change – for a brand, for a category and across society.

Some things you should know about us:

We love a challenge 100%
We live and breathe influence! 100%
We’re all great at ping pong 63%
We all like Howard 95%

We get influence

We have unparalleled expertise in working with influential consumers from idea generation to commercialisation and a set of proven proprietary research approaches that are the backbone of most of our work.


Everything we do is geared towards understanding influence and how to harness the power of the most influential people.


We are experts in qualitative and quantitative techniques, both the tried-and-tested variety and the more creative and innovative.


Innovations and communications are the core of what we do because they are the basis of most profound change: be it repositioning the brand, paradigm shifting innovations or developing communications.

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Australian Ethical Investment

“The team at pollinate is one of the best agencies I have ever worked with. Their empathy with and level of understanding of our business combined with superior attention to detail has been very refreshing. The results have been far beyond my expectations. Every individual has shown 100% commitment to our project and I look forward to having an ongoing relationship with them.”

Paul Smith, General Manager Strategy & Communications

Carlton United Breweries

“Pollination sessions have been an extremely effective approach to uncover the consumer meaning of our category, the semiotics at work and most importantly understanding the reality of how our category, brands and products need to fit into our consumers lives and to truly meet their needs. In recent times, we have done extensive work delving into both macro and category trends that impact our business but this is the first time we’ve gone so effectively into what these trends actually mean for a specific age group and target market – it was certainly not exactly how we at CUB saw the world.

Angela Turvey, Consumer Insights Manager

Carlton United Breweries

“Based on the Pollination sessions, we feel like we now have a solid understanding of what the fundamental needs and forces at play are. The extensive thinking and preparation work that the pollinate team and Howard have done along the way has been outstanding. The team is a pleasure to work with and right from the outset we have felt the pollinate team truly got their heads into our category, understood it and really wanted to work with us to solve our problem.”

Angela Turvey, Consumer Insights Manager – Carlton United Breweries