Bee hive

Next time you visit Pollinate ask to visit our bee hive. Perched on our roof amongst the urban jungle of Surry Hills is a thriving colony of buzzing bees, pollinating our surroundings with plant life and creating some damn find honey while they’re at it. We love to share our Pollinate honey with clients to remind everybody of the importance of sustainable business practices.

Bees are mighty important to our future. They pollinate a third of everything we eat, and play a very important role in our ecosystem.

Over 80% of the crops grown for our consumption and the consumption of our livestock need bees and other insects to pollinate them. So without bees, our food sources would be in danger of drying up.

Our business is grounded in sustainability and social responsibility, and we take that seriously – it’s not just about being good at recycling and giving donations to charities.

Find out more about our ethical business focus via our Society Group, Philanthropic Benchmark Initiative and The Pulse report.