Our approach

We’ve always believed in the power of influence – how the ‘few’ inspire the many, how ideas spread and grow from a tiny seed and evolve to become part of our lives.

We harness the power of influence to inform innovation and inspire change.

We believe in involving people (your consumers) to help shape the future of your brand.

Our research is driven by co-creation; empowering people to unlock ideas.

Clients come to us because they need to be able to see the world through a different lens.

We are flexible, curious and collaborative – every problem needs its own solution and the best solution is not always the obvious answer.

The pollinate approach is built on design thinking principles such as sequential phases of divergent and convergent thinking, co-creation and influence married with the best research practice in strategy, design, facilitation and analysis.

We’re always asking ourselves, what’s the best way to create change?

Oh, and we are a clever bunch of people who like to have fun while uncovering brilliant solutions to your problems. Research needs to be smart, robust and evidence-based but the process should leave you feeling nourished and energised.

How we can help you

  • Ideation sessions to uncover your next innovation
  • Brand strategy and brand development
  • Media, campaign development & communications
  • Stakeholder engagement, board facilitation
  • Segmentation, brand health and opportunity identification